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Welcome to the village of Bambersham where preparations for the Easter Fete are in full swing! Jane Barkley (Mel Giedroyc), the newly appointed chair of Bambersham Council, needs to organise the raffle, sort the tombola… Oh, and stop the world from ending (but most importantly, organise the raffle).

In this seven-part parody series of The Archers, each episode brings with it a new plague. From a deadly virus to a horde of the undead, can the most unlikely of villages survive the apocalypse?

Cast & Creatives

Written, Directed & Produced by Sam Cochrane

Music & Sound by Benedict Richardson

Publicity by Rebecca Pitt

Mel Giedroyc


Susan Harrison

Rachael, Jill & additional voices

Justin Brett

Richard, David, Alan & additional voices

Sam Cochrane

Tom, Reverend Peter & additional voices

James Stirling

Greg, Mr Jenkins, Barbara Beady & additional voices

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