Gigglemug Comedy

A bunch of gigglemugs

Seriously silly entertainment.

(noun, slang) a habitually smiling face.

Gigglemug Comedy was established in 2018 (over a pint) by a plucky bunch of Warwick Uni students. As a company, our aim is to create entertainment which will leave audiences grinning for the rest of the day.

We’re big believers that comedy should be about escapism, so we want to give people a chance to enjoy something fresh, zany and completely bonkers. Here at Team Gigglemug we’re serious about being silly.

Winners of The Stage Edinburgh Award 2018

Sam Cochrane

Artistic Director

Comedy maker. Average baker. Undertaker. (The last one’s a lie). Sam Cochrane is the Artistic Director of Gigglemug Theatre, he doesn’t really know what that means but he has a headshot which makes people think he does.

Stop, you’re making us blush

“Bonkers but brilliant!”

Ali Vowles

"For laugh-a-minute silliness, this Gigglemug Theatre production is hard to beat."

Shaun Kitchener
The Daily Express

"Prepare to laugh until you ache."

David Weir
London Pub Theatres

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