Time to decide once and for all… Cake or biscuit?

Inspired by the 1991 tribunal which determined the true identity of a Jaffa Cake, multi-award winning Gigglemug Theatre present a brand new family-friendly musical comedy that takes the biscuit (or cake…?).

A Jaffa Cake Musical was one of 8 musicals selected to be part of MTFest 2024 where it was staged in workshop form at The Other Palace. The show will have its official UK premiere at Pleasance as part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

We're going back to the Edinburgh Fringe!


Written & Produced by Sam Cochrane

Arrangements & Musical Direction by Rob Gathercole

Directed by Ali James

Lighting Design by Damian Robertson

Publicity by Steph Pyne

Set by Lauren Jones

Sam Cochrane


Sabrina Messer


Harry Miller


Alex Prescot


Katie Pritchard

Tax Man

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